Martins are extremely proud of the company’s equipment, maintenance programs, reputation and record.

Management insists on a pro-active approach to equipment maintenance.

A fully integrated, industry specific computer system is utilized to ensure repairs and maintenance are conducted as required, the system not only records repairs carried out on the fleet, it has the ability to forecast “next service due”, based on average kilometres travelled by each vehicle.

Our two major service facilities at Scone and Oakey both have permanently installed brake and suspension testers that allow us to not only diagnose issues but also maintain an electronic record of testing being conducted. The system also ensures compliance with regulatory authorities.

All vehicles within the fleet are speed limited to 98kph, GPS tracked and monitored daily for compliance and speed. The exceptions to this being dedicated road train units in QLD which are limited to 90kph.

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Martins have a reputation for some of the best equipment on the road. The average age of our current fleet of prime movers is 3.5 years and working towards a structured capital replacement strategy in line with our business growth. We continue to purchase new B Double Livestock trailers (Both Cattle and Sheep), B Double tippers and dollies to give us flexibility to operate many different types of combination as required by the customer. We can supply deck combinations from 2 decks single trailer up to 6.5 deck units for operations on Type 2 road train routes.

We also purchase specific purpose built equipment as required to service contracted tasks involving high productivity vehicle combinations operated under the NHVR PBS Scheme.

Martins continue to constantly review options to improve productivity and we have a long standing relationship in working with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and associated state authorities.

Martins place a priority on achieving high levels of maintenance compliance. This not only provides us with regulatory compliance it also provides customers with a level of comfort the equipment will arrive on time and deliver on time as required. This commitment includes the physical inspections and repairs to crates, floors, ramp and doors. This is a key component of animal welfare and quality of the delivered product.

Also our food grade and DG equipment is constantly inspected and checked to ensure we meet legislated and customer requirements.

All Martins fleet are GPS tracked for scheduling, maintenance, route control, speed and fatigue and safety purposes.