First Executive Management Meeting held

December 05 2016

On Friday 2nd December The Martin Group of Companies conducted the first Executive Management Meeting in Scone. This team has been brought together by Gordon and Jason Martin to advise and assist us in guiding the Martins business to a more agile and stronger business.

Let me introduce you to the team.

  • Chris Arnold – Financing Specialist with access to finance providers and options
  • Grant Jackson – Accounting Specialist
  • Dave McGuire – Business Financial Specialist (Acting CFO for Martins)
  • Annette English – Commercial Law
  • Richie Williams – Business Performance Specialist on Structures and Strategy
  • Jason Martin – Director
  • Trevor Heinrich – Business Operations

As you can see there is a strong resource of highly skilled people on which we can draw on to set our business up for the future.

To open the meeting Jason Martin presented a History of the Martin business starting 58 years ago as one truck and all the changes and businesses we have acquired and absorbed over the years that have created Martins as it stands today.

It is very important to know where we came from so we understand our identity.

Trevor Heinrich followed this with an overview of our Draft Business plan for review by the team. This document forms the plan for which the Martins business will move forward to ensure we meet our commitments to our financiers, our customers, our staff and the public.

This team will provide the discipline and accountability to the Martins to ensure we meet our agreed targets and strategy for the business.

The Martins business has been given a special opportunity to have access to these people who are very successful in their own business endeavors to guide Jason and Trevor in the improvement process of the Martins Transport businesses.

I look forward to this and the structure to provide the resources and business/personal development to all our 170 odd employees who make this business work every day of the week.