The History of Martins

1958 Gordon started carting pigs and calves in the Singleton, Maitland area

1961 He got a contract with Merriwa Shire carting gravel for the roads

1967 Was the first of many acquisitions, he bought Half of the fertilizer carting off Les Ham

1968 He bought out Jack Bartlet. This was Livestock

1971 He bought out Carl Lawler, this was Livestock

1974 He bought the second half of the fertilizer cartage from Les Ham

1975 He bought out George and Cook, this was Livestock

1976 He sold the Livestock business to Graham McNeil

1979 He bought Ravensworth Transport. This was a Coal Haulage company. This is when he moved his Depot from Singleton, where the Charbonier Motel now stands, to Ravensworth. 1979 was also his first Rural Purchase when he bought a property at Merriwa.

1984, 86 & 87 saw him buy another 3 properties in the Merriwa area

1988 He built a Depot in Scone and moved in

1989 He sold the Coal haulage business to Booral

1989 Also saw him buy out Graham McNeil who he sold out to 13 years earlier

1990 He bought Nutts Transport.

1991 He bought out Brian Tierney. This was a bulk job and our first dealings with the now Sibelco

1992 He bought 3 rural properties in the Coonamble area

1994 He bought out John Caban Transport. This was a bulk job

1994 also saw him buy rural property in the Gunnedah Area

1995 He bought out Dickersons Transport, this was Livestock

1995 Also Saw AMH open a feedlot Called Prime City near Griffith. Martins got the job carting the cattle from there to Beef City near Toowoomba.

1996 He bought into a company called Freight Finders in Moree.

1997 He bought out the Livestock division of Finnemores Transport

1997 also saw him buy a rural property in the Tamworth area

1999 He bought Glen Moan, the rural property where he would later live for many years

In the early 2000’s He bought Agra, Phil Harris and Barry Smith. All Livestock businesses

2004 He bought out Walkers Transport in Dubbo. This is when we also moved into Dubbo with a Depot

2006 He bought out Porters Transport, this was a large Livestock company. This was also the year we got our first real contract. It was with ACC carting cattle. It came with the Porters buy out.

2007 He bought out Col Ayre’s Share of Martins and Col left.

2008 He bought the Oakey depot from Neil Findlay. I was a depot for Neils Bulk fleet.

2009 saw Martins sign a contract with Primo for Livestock. This was in place until they sold to JBS in 2015

2010 Was the year we stopped carting cattle from Prime City to Beef City

2011 He bought Priddles Transport and Hubbards Transport, both Livestock

2011 Was also the year we signed our first contract with the now Sibelco. This was also the year Nigel Bailey Left Martins. Nigel was the Bulk Haulage Manager

2012 He bought Dorries Transport, this was Livestock

2012 Also saw Martins sign a big contract with the now Sibelco in Rockhampton. This required Martins to get a depot in Rockhampton to service the job

2016 Martins won a contract with Mourie ANZ in Brisbane. This is a Bulk Job and we are now running bulk tippers out of our Oakey Depot in QLD. Martins also have a small contract with TOLL carting Dangerous Goods.

Some of the big jobs Martins have had over the years include carting gravel on the Merriwa shire for the local roads, Carting coal from the valley to Newcastle after he bought out Ravensworth Transport. Gordon still states that this was the best 10 years of his life in the Transport industry. Carting cattle from Prime city to Beef city for AMH, working for Australian Country Choice after purchasing Porters Transport, carting cattle for PRIMO at Scone, carting magnesite for QMag, now Sibelco, in Rockhampton and the latest contract, carting grain for Mourie ANZ into Brisbane.

Some of the truck milestones include in 1997 Martins took delivery of their 100 new Kenworth. In 2009 they took delivery of their 200th and last year, 2015, they took delivery of their 300th. Martins are the first privately owned company in Australia to reach this milestone.

Some changes in product and legislation included in 1994, the first of the electronic engines in trucks. In 2005, Chain of Responsibility and compliance became a real thing. This was also about the time that driving regulations got a lot tougher throughout the industry. 2008 saw the introduction of the EGR engines. This was the first of the engines to really focus on lowering emissions. 2013 saw the release of the E5 Engine. This again was another big step towards lowering emissions.

Some of the climatic influences that affected Martins include 2 major droughts. One from 1991 to 1995 and the other from 2003 to 2013. There has also been 2 major wet seasons which were in 2011 and this year, 2016.