Martins Stock Haulage

Martins Stock Haulage are livestock carriers; transporting cattle and sheep for some of the largest growers and processors in Australia.

Martins are an experienced provider of Livestock transport across all areas of Australia we have developed a strong network of facilities and contacts for spelling and or dipping of livestock as required.

We also have an experienced team of livestock operators who not just understand the tasks but are also experienced with the geography of the proposed works and facilities.

Our drivers are trained in operating the latest equipment and animal handling techniques.

The fleet is made up of the latest technology, design and safety features for both the driver and the welfare of the livestock. With design features being collaborated with vehicle manufacturer’s and crate manufacturer’s, to stay at the leading edge of the transport industry.

The trailer fleet consists of sheep and cattle crates, in both single and multi-trailer combinations.

The Martins team have a strong network of Region Livestock personnel who will ensure our customers receive the highest level of service.