Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health and Safety is a priority for the Martin Group and its employees.

Speed Policy

Martins aims to ensure that no heavy vehicle is driven in excess of posted, temporary and heavy vehicle maximum speed limits. In addition, we aim to ensure that heavy vehicles are driven at speeds appropriate to the driving conditions, including weather, road and load considerations. We will ensure that all measures adopted to assist in the management of speed compliance are properly implemented, used and maintained.

Our objectives will be achieved by providing the expertise, resources, systems and equipment necessary to ensure compliance with speed limits.

Drivers WH&S Manual

All drivers are inducted into the company’s policies and procedures which are all outlined in the Drivers WH&S Manual. The driver is issued with a copy which entails everything that is required to fulfill their day to day duties for both Martins and their customers. The manual is easily referred to at any time a driver wishes to do so.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Martin Group has a pro active zero tolerance policy towards Drugs and Alcohol. As we have a duty to our employees, customers and general public we conduct random drug and alcohol testing. This can be done anywhere and at anytime.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment is a step in the risk management process. Risk Assessment is measuring two quantities, the magnitude of the potential incident and the probability the incident will occur. All drivers have generic copies of Risk Assessments relating to all their duties they are required to perform. They are trained in hazard perception, prevention and elimination.

All drivers are encouraged to note any hazards at any work site and relay then to either operations or relevant site managers. The Martin Group maintains a risk register for all such issues.

Company Medicals

The company’s accreditations require regular medical examinations for our drivers. Management have taken this a step further, requiring our drivers to undergo company medicals bi annually or yearly once a driver is over 49 years of age.

These medicals have given some of our driver’s early indications to other medical conditions which may not have been noticed otherwise.