National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)

Martins have been part of the Roads and Traffic Authority’s National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation scheme since its inception as a pilot program. NHVAS has been developed to offer transport operators a means to voluntary comply with regulations. Operators must implement a system in their business that provides documentary and auditable evidence to prove they are complying. NHVAS consists of three modules:

1. Mass Management
2. Maintenance Management
3. Fatigue Management

Basic Fatigue Management System (BFM)

The Basic Fatigue Management System aims to provide drivers and operators with greater flexibility in driving, other work and rest hours in exchange for greater assurance that drivers fatigue is being properly managed. Registration in BFM rewards employers and drivers by allowing drivers to drive for up to 14 hours in any 24 hour period and to spread their driving over a longer 14 day cycle, compared with 12 hours in seven days under the standard scheme.

Fatigue management is a major priority within the company. Management track our driver’s hours via a number of methods.

  • Computerized system which keeps track of total hours worked, rest periods and number of days a driver has worked. This is utilized by operations prior to allocating a driver a job.
  • Log book pages are collected and audited.
  • A driver is always asked if they are able to do a job and they conduct a daily fit for duty requirement prior to commencing a job.
  • Providing drivers with Route Plan
  • Driver Fatigue Management Plan

Truck Safe

Truck Safe is an industry Accreditation Scheme that allows companies to improve their operations and comply with best practice. There are four operating standards of Truck Safe:

1. Business Management System
2. Vehicle Maintenance
3. Driver Training
4. Driver Health

Truck Care

Truck Care is Quality Management for Livestock Transport. Truck Care is developed for livestock transporters and is fully auditable. The program is built around the Quality assurance principles contained in international standards and also uses hazard analysis of critical control points. The programs aimed at raising awareness, introducing quality management, implementing a quality management system which can be audited by customers, or by an externally qualified auditor and integrating with customers or road transport quality assurance programs.

Mass Management

Mass Management Accreditation encourages heavy vehicle operators to take more responsibility for loading their trucks correctly and ensuring that their trucks are not overloaded.

This system is audited both internally and externally.

Company Medicals

The above accreditations require regular medical examinations for our drivers. Management have taken this a step further, requiring our drivers to undergo company medicals bi annually or yearly once a driver is over 49 years of age.

These medicals have given some of our driver’s early indications to other medical conditions which may not have been noticed otherwise.