Training is regarded as one of the highest priorities within The Martin Group.

Martins will identify training responsibilities for each role by:

  • Reviewing the job tasks
  • Reviewing Accreditation requirements
  • Reviewing legislative requirements including for health, safety and environment
  • Consultation with stakeholders including workers and other duty holders.

Training to achieve these responsibilities shall be identified and provided using a training needs analysis (TNA).

Training and subsequent competencies shall be achieved by:

  • Competency based training from external RTO’s
  • Internal group and one-on-one training by qualified Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor within the organisation

We encourage additional training for specific customer requirements.

Regular training programs both internally and externally

  • Fatigue Management (BFM)
  • Drugs, Smoking and Alcohol
  • Social Media and Electronic Devices
  • Working at heights
  • Loading and Unloading (Livestock and Bulk)
  • Animal Handling and Welfare
  • On Road Driving assessments
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Drivers WH&S Manuals
  • Risk assessments
  • Various mine inductions
  • Driver Fatigue Management Plan
  • Certificate III Transport and Distribution
  • Chain of Responsibility