our vision

Doing business with Martins Stock Haulage Pty Ltd ensures the critical requirements of the transport solutions are delivered in a safe, efficient, cost effective and robust manner.  The Martins Team acknowledges that there is a direct relationship between animal quality, health and safety, environmental performance, corporate governance compliance and business success.

In doing so Martins Stock Haulage demonstrates its commitment to the care of its employees, its impact on the environment and the protection of our Customers. The Martins Team is proactive and innovative in the management and monitoring of safe work practices and dedicated to the continuous improvement of its systems and processes.


Gordon Martin had a simple philosophy. It may be his name on the door but the success of the business relies on the input of the fantastic team that is Martins Stock Haulage.

This is the foundation that has helped build Martins Stock Haulage since 1958 to the present to be one of the most respected Livestock and Rural Transporters in Australia


1958 Gordon Martin started carting pigs and calves in the Singleton, Maitland area.

1961 We commenced a contract with Merriwa Shire carting gravel for the roads.

1967 Was the first of many acquisitions, Gordon bought half of the fertilizer carting off Les Ham.

1968 Acquired the livestock business of Jack Bartlet.

1971 Acquired the livestock business of Carl Lawler.

1974 Acquired the second half of the fertilizer cartage from Les Ham.

1975 Acquired George and Cook, this was Livestock.

1976 Sold the Livestock business to Graham McNeil.

1979 Purchased Ravensworth Transport. This was a Coal Haulage company. This is when he moved his Depot from Singleton, where the Charbonier Motel now stands, to Ravensworth.

1979 was also his first Rural Purchase when he bought a property at Merriwa.

1984 86 & 87 saw him buy another 3 properties in the Merriwa area.

1988 Purchased the land and built a new Depot in Scone and moved in.

1989 Sold the Coal haulage business to Boral.

1989 Purchased the livestock business from Graham McNeil who he sold out to 13 years earlier.

1990 Acquired Nutts Transport.

1991 Purchased the bulk business of Brian Tierney. This was a bulk job and our first dealings with the now Sibelco.

1992 Purchased three rural properties in the Coonamble area.

1994 Acquired John Caban Transport. This was a bulk job.

1994 Purchased another rural property in the Gunnedah Area.

1995 Acquired Dickersons Transport, this was Livestock.

1995 Australian Meat Holdings opened a feedlot Prime City near Griffith. Martins were awarded the contract transporting cattle from there to Beef City near Toowoomba.

1996 Gordon bought into a company called Freight Finders in Moree.

1997 Acquired the Livestock division of Finemores Transport.

1997 Purchased a rural property in the Tamworth area.

1999 The purchase of Glen Moan, the rural property where he would later live for many years.

2000 In the early 2000's  he bought Agra, Phil Harris and Barry Smith. All Livestock businesses.

2004 Acquired Walkers Transport in Dubbo.

2006 Acquired the livestock haulage business Porters Transport in Queensland.

2007 Gordon and Col Ayre’s agreed to dissolve the partnership and Gordon Martin bought out the shareholders giving full ownership of Martins and Col left the business.

2008 Purchased the Oakey depot from Neil Findlay Bulk. This became the Queensland operations hub and workshops.

2009 saw Martins sign a contract with Primo for Livestock Transport. This was in place until they sold to JBS in 2015.

2010 Was the year we ceased carting cattle from Prime City to Beef City for AMH now JBS.

2011 Acquired Priddles Transport and Hubbards Transport, both Livestock.

2011 Was also the year we signed our first formal contract with the now Sibelco.

2012 Acquired Dorries Transport, this was Livestock.

2012 Also saw Martins sign a big contract with the now Sibelco in Rockhampton. This required Martins to get a depot in Rockhampton to service the job.

2016 Martins won a contract with Mauri ANZ in Brisbane. This is a Bulk Job and we commenced running bulk tippers out of our Oakey Depot in QLD. Martins also have a small contract with TOLL carting Dangerous Goods.

2017 Martins sold the bulk business to QUBE Logistics with the exception of a small fleet of Dangerous Goods trucks working for TOLL Global Resources.

2018 Saw the commencement of the new structure for Martin where the succession and transition to the future was implemented as a result of several years of planning.

2018 A new board of directors including three specialist Independent Directors was established to guide the business into the future.

2018 In late 2018 Jason Martin was appointed Managing Director of the “new” Martins Stock Haulage.

Some of the big jobs Martins have had over the years include carting gravel on the Merriwa shire for the local roads, Carting coal from the valley to Newcastle after he bought out Ravensworth Transport. Gordon still states that this was the best 10 years of his life in the Transport industry. Carting cattle from Prime city to Beef city for AMH, working for Australian Country Choice after purchasing Porters Transport, carting cattle for PRIMO at Scone, carting magnesite for QMag, now Sibelco, in Rockhampton and the latest contract, carting grain for Mauri ANZ into Brisbane.

Some of the climatic influences that affected Martins include 2 major droughts. One from 1991 to 1995 and the other from 2003 to 2013. And we are currently in the biggest one in recent history from 2016 to current. There has also been 2 major wet seasons which were in 2011 and this year, 2016. As we are now fully aligned to the Pastoral industry these issues are part of our daily life to manage.